Sunday, May 1, 2016

Street Game: Bowser's/Trump's Wall

For our street game, my group (Ross Burgos, Kaysha Lacy, and Taylor Dueck and I came up with the idea to create a wall on behalf of Donald Trump's idea to create a wall to "keep immigrants out" by making these very immigrants build this very wall, an absurd idea in our opinions.

We tried to emulate the idea of a basic wall by taping and painting about 30, 16X16X14 size boxes. It took a few days for us to complete all the boxes. Once we completed the boxes, we stacked them and painted a Bowser face onto the front of the box.

Our game consisted of stacking the boxes in order to match the face up - like a puzzle. One team would be trying to build the wall, while another team would be trying to knock it down. The team whose objective to knock the wall down are placed at the very end of the field. They would pass a "Yoshi egg" (a small balloon filled with flour) to each other, starting very far, and progressively moving closer each time they made a catch.

We basically wanted to make the statement that although Trump wants a wall to be built, there will be many immigrants against this idea. We created Koopa Shells with plush fabric and straps to give the players to wear as backpacks. We made four of different colors, yellow, blue, green, and red. Both the players tossing the Yoshi egg and the players building the wall would need to wear these backpacks, since both immigrants will be building the wall while simultaneously knocking it over.

It was a very fun game, and no one seemed to be offended by it. There was an emphasis on bowser because we also created a large bowser cut out that one of us would wear on our heads and use to intimidate the players. We would try our best to impersonate Trump whenever wearing the head, using rhetoric only Trump would say "let's make America great again!" etc.

It was quite the experience but I think as a group we worked very well together and accomplished a lot of nearly impossible tasks together. The end result was awesome. We enjoyed playing the game with students and passerby's as well as discussing our inspiration behind it, giving others a perspective on Trump, something that was not quite discussed before on the UNR campus, or at least not quite as we had executed a discussion. I am happy we did so, and that others got involved.

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