Sunday, May 1, 2016

Basya Schecter (in lieu of Naomi Klein)

 Due to the Naomi Klein event being sold out, I attended this "concert and talk" my women's literature professor recommended.

Basya Schecter is an incredible woman who has traveled and spoken to refugee survivors from places like Israel where many are kicked out of their homes. In order to spread their stories and inspire change, she created a touring group called Pharaoh's Daughter.

Together, they create a unique sound which is encased by Schecter's voice and rhythmic guitar. Her guitar is tuned in a way that is different than most which creates a vibrant, personal sound that reflected the stories she spoke on.

She spoke about travels to the Middle East, like Israel and Egypt along with parts of Central Africa. She was very in-tune with the religious aspects of these countries and with her musical talent she portrays the stories and rituals through song and spoken word.

This event was one-of-a-kind and very intriguing. Basya Schecter is a very good speaker and musician. It was a great combination to hear her stories as well as enjoy her music, which also included stories within. I would recommend her music to anyone interested in religious and cultural sounds with an authentic twist. Very inspiring stuff.

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