Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MFA Thesis Exhibit: The Erosion of Memory

At the Jot Travis building, an MFA student named Bahareh Shahrabi Farahani was showcasing her work. Her exhibit was called The Erosion of Memory. 

This was a very relaxing and thought-provoking exhibit. Her work mostly consisted of paintings and lit up boxes hung from the wall. It was interesting to walk through and the title of the exhibit made it all the more intriguing. 

Walking through the exhibit was like walking through a wave of memories. Each arrangement was displayed in a way that provoked a blissful memory. It was especially calming near the center of the exhibit where a curtain draped down to make a wave like structure that did not lead to anything, just encased you in it's delicate curtains making you feel warm and accepted. Almost as if you were lying in a bed with drapes around it. 

The exhibit was unique and interesting. It was fun walking through and observing the work this student had created and experiencing her artistic talent. 

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